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Pistol de vopsit IMPACT junior AZ4 HTE-S

Pistol de vopsit IMPACT junior AZ4 HTE-S

Gun Iwata AZ4 Impact Junior, new spray gun touch up Air Gunsa of Anest Iwata incorporates the new patent in technology and design from the prestigious japanese firm.

Available in different steps: 0,8 mm – 1,0 mm – 1,2 mm Select the one that best suits your needs.

Available with two cups: 70ml, and 200ml.


– Specially designed for small repairs and touch-ups.

– High transfer efficiency.

Consumption – a super reduced air: 105 L/Min.

– Maximum comfort and control for the painter.

– Ideal for paints water based as solvent based.

– Incorporates valve for control of air inlet.

– Available with a cup of 200ml or 70ml.

– Cap in color black.