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Aerograf IWATA HP-C

Aerograf IWATA HP-C

IWATA HP-C LIMITED EDITION 1000 pieces each Uniquely Numbered(0001-1000)

Who knew 50 years ago when Iwata introduced the HP-C airbrush, it would start the modern day airbrush revolution? But it did when famed artists Charlie White, Dave Willardson and Michael Cacy, in 1981, switched to the gravity-feed Iwata HP-C from other brands of side-feed models.
The Iwata HP-C allowed artists who airbrushed the ability to paint with acrylics which gave them the versatility they needed because they could work with both opaque and transparent colors. Using the HP-C with acrylics completely changed airbrush technique for these 3 hugely popular, trailblazing artists in the airbrush industry.

Because of these 3 artists’ influence in the airbrush industry, the Iwata HP-C became the main airbrush in all illustration artists’ arsenals. It was the go-to airbrush to create all the advertising & fine art graphics before the advent of computers.

Now you can own a piece of Airbrush History – the Original Iwata HP-C!

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